Expanding love and freedom in the world through the magic of           raw cacao.

Cacao Magic Costa Rica produces 100% organic raw cacao from the Southern Caribbean region of Costa Rica.

Cacao Magic is a pure Medicinal-grade-cacao that raises your vibrational frequency, balances your body, opens your heart and elevates your spirit.

You can eat it as is, create healthy chocolates and drinks or serve it in a cacao ceremony. 

Cacao-Magic can be received worldwide with love.

Organic Raw Cacao



Cacao ceremony is a celebration!

Starting September 2021 we will share a monthly ceremony @ Cacao Magic House every last Tuesday of the month.

Using an ancient shamanic tool of moving

medicine through the bodies riding on the

magic of the cacao. Combined with

meditation, voice improvisation, breathwork

and live music and song we create a space to

raise the vibration and connect with the spirit.

We use a cacao beverage made from 100%

raw (unroasted) cacao paste whose process

we have followed from bean to paste. Cacao

is an abundant superfood with numerous

medicinal properties which it keeps in its raw


We invite you to a 2-3 hours ceremony to let go

of the illusion of stress, separateness and

duality. The time is now to connect with your

lightness, light being and your birthright of

bliss with the magical vehicle of Cacao.

Cacao Magic ceremonies are a unique and beautiful experience inspiring love, freedom, growth and expansion through music and the magic of raw cacao. 

Unicorn Program

What is it?

For the last 5 years, we send our vibrant cacao all over the world by post service and with unicorns.

Basically, it’s a nice word for mules… And, really, it’s an invitation to share your efforts with us sending this beautiful cacao mainly to the States Europe and Canada.

What’s the deal?

We send with you, our unicorn, a suitcase full of cacao to your country, and there you send it by local post to people that are waiting to receive it.

We offer to pay for an extra suitcase if needed and we pay the costs of deliveries.

As well, for every suitcase of cacao, we gift you a kilo brick of Cacao Magic.

 Is it legal?

Yes!! Cacao is a legal and free of tax substance. For personal use you can fly with as much cacao you want.


It’s an invitation to expand love and happiness together. 


Our Story

Our story, like all beautiful stories, has no beginning and no end. Meeting each other on the physical realm 10 years ago, was a very special event involving many being of light and guidance. From the first moment (and even before it) we already knew we came here to be together, grow and blossom in love.


We are Itamar and Noa Geva, born and raised in Israel, living already 7 years in Costa Rica with our 3 beautiful kids, currently living on the Pacific mountains above Dominical. Connected to music, mother earth and spirit from childhood. We love to share them all.


Noa loves sharing energy guidance and growth work, facilitating cacao ceremonies and in private sessions. Itamar is a former Waldorf educator, strongly connected to the earth and tasty food, specifically delicious chocolates. Both of us are learning more and more about the importance of working energetically, creating reality consciously and following spirit in every act.


Teaching our children about the energetic world we live in, taking responsibility for our choices, thoughts and emotions is our highest priority. At the end of 2015 another entity was born , Cacao Magic Costa Rica. Giving us a special opportunity to activate and channel all the tools and gifts we have collected during our beautiful lives. Manifest our knowledge and materialize it as medicine.


In the Caribbean, there are huge forests of cacao surrounding us, wild animals, monkeys, birds and crawlers- everything is alive. Mother Earth is alive in its full glory, giving us her love and abundance in all ways possible. One of mother earth’s gifts to us is the Cacao!


From the personal work with the medicine of cacao, research, and passion, we understand that live unroasted cacao can offer a nutritional wealth supporting health, vitality, balance, and growth through happiness and love.


As a family, guardians, and co-creators of Cacao Magic Costa Rica, we work with the intention of allowing accessibility and having respect for this local medicine to every place and every person on this lovely planet.


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Cacao Magic House

La Ceiba, San José Province, Pérez Zeledón, 11901


Phone and WhatsApp: 506.8953.9178

Email: cacaomagiccostarica@gmail.com

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