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Pure Cacao Ceremony with Cacao Magic

What is Cacao Magic?

“Cacao Magic Costa Rica” is a ceremonial grade cacao that is unroasted, pure theobromine.


Grown in the Carribean of Costa Rica, Processed with intention by the Bri-Bri women at the indigenous territory.

Very heart centered, feminine, nurturing, humbling and a beautiful medicine.

What is a cacao ceremony?

A cacao ceremony is a gift from creation!

Using an ancient shamanic tool of moving medicine through our bodies we ride on the magic of the cacao and group dynamics.

Medicinal grade pure Cacao connects each participant to his and her essence of purity, bliss, gratitude. Opening hearts and letting abundant creative powers flow freely.

Each ceremony is unique and varies according to the group and intention of the ceremony.

We guide the group using  tools of meditation, movement, communication, artistic expression, voice improvisation, live music and songs, to collectively create a space of raised vibration and connection to spirit.

We use a cacao beverage made from “Cacao Magic”- 100% unroasted cacao

from the Carribean Coast of Costa Rica whose process we have created from bean to paste.


What are the effects of medicinal cacao on the body?

Cacao is an abundant superfood with numerous medicinal properties which it keeps in its raw form:

- Rich in polyphenols and antioxidants that create better blood flow.

- Improves blood and oxygen flow to the brain and allows greater clarity.

- Dilates the veins and reduces blood pressure, expands the heart and increases ones awareness.

- Improves mood with its flavonoids, increasing serotonin and producing anandamide, creating a feeling of love to oneself and others.

What do we need?

Please let us know if any of the participants are taking pharmaceutical drugs or have serious health issues to adjust their dose.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children can fully and happily participate.
It is important to eat lightly and keep hydrated the day of the ceremony. It is best to refrain from eating at least 2hrs. before the ceremony.

All we would need from you is a pot of hot water,cups , teaspoons and a clean pleasant space to move and create.


Unicorn Program

What is it?

For the last 5 years, we send our vibrant cacao all over the world by post service and with unicorns.

Basically, it’s a nice word for mules… And, really, it’s an invitation to share your efforts with us sending this beautiful cacao mainly to the States Europe and Canada.

What’s the deal?

We send with you, our unicorn, a suitcase full of cacao to your country, and there you send it by local post to people that are waiting to receive it.

We offer to pay for an extra suitcase if needed and we pay the costs of deliveries.

As well, for every suitcase of cacao, we gift you a kilo brick of Cacao Magic.

 Is it legal?

Yes!! Cacao is a legal and free of tax substance. For personal use you can fly with as much cacao you want.


It’s an invitation to expand love and happiness together. 


Who are we?

Itamar Geva A light wizard, musician, chocolatier and educator. Husband and father of three, a magical being who knows how to play with the group energies and share his alchemical energy, sound and wisdom.

Noa Geva

A lifelong student and teacher, wife and homeschooling mother, intuitive, explorer of prosperity laws and a spiritual guide.

 Happily sharing meditations and rituals with Cacao Magic with groups and individuals.

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