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Offering a magical opportunity to learn with us: about yourself; cacao; ceremonies; chocolate; energy work; and the spiritual laws of abundance, from our home to yours.


Since you've heard the call of your soul for authenticity and feel drawn to cacao medicine and have the desire to share this gift with the world.  We wish to share our love and knowledge with you. 


Program Outline


Most of the training will be conducted by ‘Cacao Mama’ Noa Geva.

Ita Geva will present chocolate making and magic.


General outline, specifics will be tailored according to your temperament and soul’s mission.


6 Sessions including:

  • Opening Ceremony- The history of Bri Bri cacao, Bri Bri cosmovision, history of cacao.  


  • Cacao Plant medicine and you-Medicinal properties of Cacao,  listening to your higher self, channeling tools, Establishing a relationship, dreamwork


  • How to facilitate a ceremony- important steps, different styles, befriending the unknown


  • The opportunities of sharing Cacao- Law of Attraction, Reality creating, laws of abundance


  • Chocolate making and infusing other medicinal plants


  • You conduct a ceremony for us and receive feedback - the journey continues


Each session is One and a half hrs. We shall create the schedule together.


A kilo (2.2 lbs.) of Cacao Magic is included, once it reaches you (a week or two depending on your location) we can start.


Upon completion of the apprenticeship program you will have  the basic knowledge you need to embark on holding your own ceremonies. You’ll be invited to join the Cacao Magicians group and community for bi-monthly online ceremonies and support.


Energy Exchange : $950  sent to PayPal  to to start your adventure


We are very happy to offer this opportunity, and we look forward to co-creating a transformative and inspiring process for all.

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