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   Cacao Magic Apprenticeship Program

We are happy to announce the birth of a new co-creation: The Cacao Magic

Apprenticeship Program. 

Offering a magical opportunity to live and learn with us: about yourself; cacao;

ceremonies; chocolate; energy work; and the spiritual laws of abundance.

We are ready to open our house to interested and well-motivated individuals who feel

the call of their soul for authenticity.  We wish to share our love, knowledge, and

experience with those drawn to cacao medicine, who have as we do, the desire to share

this gift with the world. 

What do we provide?

Room -— simple Costa Rican house that is lived in by our family of five and traveling

friends.  The room is its own unit, connected with a courtyard to the main house. It has

full privacy and the kids know it is off limits unless you invite them there. The toilet/ hot

water shower is shared with the guest room where we host traveling friends.


 To be noted: There is no WiFi at the house or in the neighborhood.  Soda La Peña on

the main road 2kms away) does have a good connection.

Board --- Based on vegan, gluten-free, organic food prepared by everyone 

Check-in and intentions cacao circle,

At least one cacao ceremony per week

Personal cacao ceremonies 

Raw vegan chocolate and dessert making, 

Market day with Cacao Magic at the Tinamastes Feria.

Possible collaboration and learning with the many teachers, therapists and artists who

live in the Diamante Valley


In consultation with you we will tailor your apprenticeship to suit your needs and

interests.  The goal of this apprenticeship program will be to find a Win Win balance that

can address your personal developmental goals and challenges.

Program Outline- 

There are two options: An “Intensive Week” or a “Deep Month”

Most of the training will be conducted by Noa Geva,

Ita Geva will present chocolate making and magic 

Upon completion of either the week or month apprenticeship program you will have the

basic knowledge and support you need to embark on holding your own ceremonies. 

Intensive Week Apprenticeship

The “Intensive Week” will take place over the course of six days, four hours per day, on

a one-on-one basis

We will create together a daily holistic routine through kinesiology

You will learn the basics of cacao - plant medicine, and the Cacao Magic ceremony


Four EMF balancing technique sessions are included

A session on the Law of Attraction 

Energy Exchange : $600 for the Intensive Week Apprenticeship


Deep Month Apprenticeship

Your daily program during the month of Apprenticeship includes:

Two hours of one on one sessions for learning, training, and energy work

Two hours devoted to a personal project connected to Cacao Magic or hands-on

chocolate making.

Energy Exchange $1400 for a Deep Month Apprenticeship

For both we ask for a prepayment of 50% of the amount, to be paid here beforehand:

Thank you.


For the rest of the time you will be able to take part in a healthy, active, creative family

and neighborhood. You are very much invited to share your time and skills with the

children (aged 11,10,6 ) and neighbors.


We are prepared to receive one apprentice at a time for either program. 

We are very happy to offer this opportunity, and we look forward to co-creating a

transformative and inspiring process for all.

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